iBooks gets a substantial update. Unleash Shurikens upon your enemies. Get the best tethering app and let's go sailing. I hear sailors get to curse all the time.

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iBooks: I do most of my reading while snuggled up in bed. The latest iBooks update is ready for my nocturnal readings with a new nighttime mode to ease eye strain. Apple also thew more fonts in there for good measure. Free

PDANet: One of the advantages of jailbreaking your iPhone is tethering without having to pay a second time for mobile Internet access. Lucky for you, Lifehacker did all the hard work and found that PDAnet was the best of the best. Free / $16 or $29

Ninja Hoodie: Kotaku says, "The hook with Ninja Hoodie is that it never feels too static, even though it is an on-rails shooting gallery. You never know where enemies will pop up from and successful progression is as much as about reaction time as it is anticipation. You don't get the thrill of creeping up on a bad guy in Ninja Hoodie but throwing shurikens with reckless abandon proves to be its own reward." $1

Compass Eye: If you're a sailor, or just someone that really likes setting a bearing and cursing up a storm, Compass Eye could be your nautical app of choice. Or you could just use an actual compass and the stars. Your choice. $5