Would you rather be the King of Pop or the Dark Knight? These are the decisions that used to keep me up at night. But no more! I also wanted to fly the Space Shuttle, that ain't gonna happen. But at least there's an app that lets me relive the glory of its launches. And finally, we have another meat app for you. Meaty meat meat.

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Michael Jackson The Experience HD: Recreate Michael Jackson's legendary dance moves by swiping your iPad. It's not the same as leaning 45-degrees in a bar while wearing a fancy suit, but it's still pretty cool. I'm still trying to figure out which gesture is for crotch grabbing. $5

Pat LaFrieda's Big App for Meat: It's right there in the name. The app covers over 200 cuts of meat with high resolution images. Not happy with static images of meat? The app has 50 minutes of video of Pat LaFrieda demonstrating butchering techniques. There's even a quiz about, you guessed it, meat. Meat. $7

Ascent: Commemorating Shuttle: This app is 645 megabytes of Space Shuttle awesome. Filled with images, production notes and a 45-minute movie using the "best of the best ground based Shuttle motion imagery from the STS-114, STS-117, and STS-124 missions." If you love space, you should download this. Free

Batman Arkham City: Lockdown: Kotaku says, "Batman Arkham City: Lockdown is an entertaining, graphically lush chance to beat your way through four of Arkham's most notorious villains and their henchmen on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch." $6