Stop waiting for Flipboard for Android. Google Currents is ready right now and it's pretty bad-ass. Take charge of your TV watching with i.TV. Solve the mystery of tethering your device with an easy-to-use app, and take off like a shot with a gravity defying scavenger.

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Google Currents: All your iPad-having friends keep telling you how awesome it is to use Flipboad. Instead of waiting for the app to hit the Android Market, download the free Google Currents app. Like Flipboard, the app presents your favorite sites in a magazine style interface. That should shut their Apple-loving pie holes. Free

i.TV: You already have your smartphone with you while you're watching TV, you might as well make it part of the experience. The i.TV app is more than a TV Guide replacement. You can schedule your TiVo and add movies to your Netflix queue from the app. In-app access to Wikipedia and IMDB means you'll always know which episodes of 30 Rock you'll see Dr. Spaceman. Free

PdaNet: Ahh tethering. When your carrier decides that you should have to pay twice to access the same Internet from the same device. Lifehacker found that PdaNet was the best tethering option in the Android Market. It's easy to install and troubleshoot. So tether until you get a nasty letter from your carrier. Free

Inertia: Escape Velocity: Kotaku says, "If you're not moving forward you're doing it wrong. That's the philosophy that launched Inertia: Escape Velocity from its humble beginnings as an Xbox Indie student project to a full-featured mobile game for Android and iOS devices." $2