You love your girly girlfriend (friend, sister, cousin, who needs labels). But you do not at all understand the girly-girl accoutrements. They're a glittery, flowery, long-eyelashed cloud trailing her like a shiny pink version of Pig Pen's dirty shadow. Think you're not equipped for the job of gifting such a creature? Never fear. Here's a list of presents that are super-fem but believable and appropriate coming from a dude such as yourself.

1. Lomography 35mm Fisheye Camera

The fact that this camera is a lovely shade of honeysuckle is sure to please your girly giftee. She will love taking fisheye photos of herself and her friends in their sparkly outfits over the holidays. And you will feel useful and smart showing her how to load that archaic 35mm film—just don't forget to buy it or you will not appear to be the thoughtful hunk of man that you are. $48 [Urban Outfitters]

2. 4 GB Jewelry USB Flash Memory Drive

We both know she won't be going full luddite this holiday, so a flash drive will make a stylish storage device for her inevitable iPhone photos. And if you're not ready to buy actual jewelry, this, the blingiest USB drive you'll ever hope to meet, will have similar impact—as long as there's no chance she was expecting a ring (seriously, don't let there be any chance of that). It costs almost nothing and it's a perfect stocking stuffer. $5 [Amazon]

3. Aphrodite USB Hub

The perfect companion to a blingy USB flash drive is this lovely USB hub. And you can't get girlier than Aphrodite in the goddesses department. $30 [FredFlare]

4. iPad 2

If she was indeed expecting a ring, probably nothing can get you out of the dog house, not even an iPad. But if your relationship has reached that point, you'd better go big. You will, of course, get it with the hot pink smart cover (unless she hates pink, please find out before you purchase), and you will have it engraved with something that makes her not want to dump your non-committal ass. $538 [Apple]

5. The Banjo Golden Headphones by WeSC

This one's for new-ish girlfriends and non-romantic gift recipients only. These pretty white headphones go with nearly every sartorial choice, and the pop of gold hardware will let her know you respect (even if you don't comprehend) her girly tendencies. $70 [Karmaloop]

6. Nixon The Spur Watch

The only thing that can get more feminine than yellow gold? Rose gold. And rose gold happens to be all the rage this season, trust me. This beauty will become the centerpiece of her arm party. $300 [Nixon]

7. P.S., I Made This

She can even make some of her arm party attendees with this handy DIY book for fashionistas. And she'll be much happier than if you went with HTML for Dummies, no matter how much you wish she'd stop asking you for help with her blog. $19 [Amazon]

8. Sonos PLAY:5 Special Edition Speaker with original artwork

If she's not so into making things herself but fancies a one-of-a-kind item, these Sonos speakers are just the thing. Each was hand-painted by artists affiliated with Creative Growth, an organization that supports artists with developmental, mental and physical disabilities. Don't let that make you jump to any conclusions: these artists have shown their work internationally and have collaborated with the likes of Marc Jacobs, and Barney's New York. Might I suggest the chick drummer or the girls in green dresses? Only 16 left! $500 [Creative Growth]

9. Jimmy Choo iPad Glitter Case

It makes absolutely no worldly sense that this iPad case costs as much as the Sonos speakers painted with original art. But if she already has an iPad, just know this: glitter + Jimmy Choo + protected iPad = happy girly girl. $495 [Saks Fifth Avenue]

10. Emma Cook Dress

This diamante-embellished, silk dress has nothing to do with technology but it features an adorable donkey wearing a wreath. That's all that really needs to be said. Though I'll add that this can be worn as a dress, a tunic, or even a nightshirt. $495 [Net-A-Porter]

Still haven't found the right present? Don't worry, we're here all month with a new gift guide every day—right up until the last minute. To see 'em all, head on over to #GiftGuide.