Taking notes is a pain in the ass. Sometimes you get back to your room and the notes don't even make sense. Is that a Q or a K? Take better notes and save some money for another box of ramen. Relive the golden years of cabinet gaming with an overhead-flying game, get ready for the slopes by plowing through virtual snowmen, and share your location with everyone.

iOS: Crazy Snowboard - Free

I'm patiently waiting for my mountain to open. And when I say patiently, I mean, "Come on snow, fall!" I suppose I can pass the time with a free snowboarding game. Crazy Snowboard has 30 missions, 13 riders, and four endless free ride modes. Gamers tilt-to-steer and can go barreling through snowmen, elves, and zombies. Really? Zombies? Every game needs zombies now? Dropped from $1 to Free. [iAppsylum]

iOS: PaperDesk - $1

Taking notes with the iPad is sorta nice when you're using the pre-installed Notes app. But not really. PaperDesk will record audio while you take notes. Tap a word that you've typed and the app will jump to the audio recorded when you typed that word. Insert PDFs, images, and text from other sources into your notes and share them them through email. You can even draw right in your note pad with your finger. If I had this when I was in school… Nah, I still would have dozed off. Dropped from $4 to $1. [Appshopper]

iOS: AstroWings Returns- Free

Overhead shooting games used to be a great way to take all of my quarters. Today I can get one for free. Progress! AstroWings Returns has nine stages of overhead-flying action with the expected weapon upgrades that makes your ship shoot pretty much everything on the screen. You don't even have the fire the weapons. They're auto-firing the entire time. Just move your ship with your finger and destroy all the bad guys. Dropped from $1 to Free.[DealMac]

Android: TrackMe - Personal GPS Tracker - $2

Some people get all upset when they're tracked like a wild animal. Others buy apps and share their location with everyone they know. Or at least the less crazy people they know. TrackMe is for the second type of person. Share your tracking URL with your friends, family, and stalkers. You can adjust the update time from as often as every five seconds, to only update every hour. So if you don't care about being followed by "The Man," go ahead and download it. Dropped from $4 to $2. [Apps-aholic]