Facebook for Android gets Timeline. Take your Google Hangouts with you wherever you go. Get the best Office suite, and a concierge app that was so good, Google bought it.

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Facebook: Facebook released its new Timeline feature this week and guess which mobile OS got a native app update? That's right, everyone's favorite little green droid. You should run up to your iOS friends and show off your fancy Timeline, and don't let 'em know they can see their own on Facebook's mobile site. Free

QuickOffice Pro: Microsoft Office is everywhere. Lifehacker found the best mobile app to help you tackle your work while you're out of the office. Or you're on the toilet. Wherever you need to work on that spreadsheet. $10/$15 for the tablet version

Google+ : Google+ still has a ways to go before it takes down Facebook. But it's trying its darndest by adding Hangouts to its mobile app. And according to the promotional video, once you get mobile Hangouts, you start singing Queen songs. So that's something to look forward to! Free

Alfred: How awesome is Alfred the concierge app? So awesome that Google bought the company to learn its figure-out-which-restaurant-to-send-you-to secrets. Free