Flipboard for iPad is huge, both in terms of use and the actual size of the app. Well, the iPhone version just snuck up behind the iPad version and took its flipping mojo. Plus, rate the worls, get the best Office suite, and start dressing like an adult.

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Flipboard: It's Flipboard on the go. Sure it's tinier, and doesn't look as nice as the iPad version. But, it's a great way to keep track of all your favorite sites while on the go. Free

QuickOffice Pro: Lifehacker wants you to do your work. No matter where you are, they want you to keep up with those reports, so they found the best mobile Office suite to help you on your working way. You can thank them when you get a raise. $10

Jotly: Rate everything. I mean EVERYTHING. Take a photo with the Jotly app, assign it a rating, and share with the world. You think that rug deserves an A+? Use Jotly to let the world know just how awesome that rug really is. Free

Cloth: If you're wondering why there's a fashion app on a gadget site, it's because most of us dress like bums. Portal-themed T-shirts and jeans are not an outfit. When you do dress nice, use this app to photograph and tag it for later use. You'll thank me during your next date. $2