Remember the first time you played Grand Theft Auto III? You could go anywhere! You could beat up the cops, start a riot, shoot dock workers. It was like running around inside Quentin Tarantino's head. Now all that magic is on iOS, and dammit I couldn't be more excited. Plus, take out your annoying Facebook friends, learn how to rock, and check out the clutter-free new Netflix app.

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Grand Theft Auto III: It's been 10 years since we realized that running around a city committing random crimes was the best gaming experience ever. Wow, 10 years. Damn I'm old. Anywho! The grand old game is new again on iPad. So take GTA 3 with you everywhere. $5

Face-Invaders: It's Space Invaders but instead of aliens, you shoot your Facebook friends. Well, the kids of your Facebook friends if you're over the age of 25. $2

WildChords: Kotaku says: "WildChords, a new guitar training app from Ovelin, is truly a remarkable little thing. It presents a charming, well-put-together guitar trainer that is both simpler and more effective at teaching the guitar than pricy music games like the not-so-fun Rocksmithand the fun-but-complicated Rock Band 3." Free

Netflix 2.0: The Netflix update for the iPad is beautiful. Instead of all those buttons on the bottom of the screen, it showcases all the pertinent videos right there in front of you on the home screen. Just flick your way through the latest additions, your queue, and recommendations. It's a minimalistic streaming-video nirvana. Free