Sorry, you didn't get what you asked for. You didn't even get what you could politely pretend to use. Luckily, Amazon's a trove of exchangeriffic items, and we've got seven picks for you at every budget. Suck it, extended family!

12 Sketchy Knockoff iPhone Cables

iPhone chargers are the chewing gum of tech—nobody ever has one when they need it, and everyone is always asking for it. So stock up on a year's supply of these cheap-o versions. Sure, they're not Genuine Apple Products, and they may burst into flames while using them (probably not!), but for this cheap, you can hand 'em out and impress your friends and coworkers. And that's literally all that matters in life. $0.75

Alien on Blu-ray

The greatest sci-fi flick of all time (YEAH, I SAID IT) in the best possible format of our time. Own it forever, and cherish the thought of having to explain to your children what a "disc" was. $16

Roku LT

Without a doubt, the absolute best bang for your buck in the little-streaming-video-box category. The Apple TV is "better," but it's also "twice as much." $50

Eye-Fi Pro X2

We love the Eye-Fi, and everyone needs a solid memory card. Eight gigs isn't a ton of storage, but being able to beam your shots and videos to your computer more than makes up for it. The person whose awful gift you returned to buy it will totally love all the photos you upload! $73.50

Shure SE115-CL Earbuds

My absolute favorite pair of buds—they sound terrific, the cord is sturdy and long, and they're not insultingly overpriced. Or overpriced at all, really. Buy a pair and pretend you never had to use Apple earbuds. Ever. Ugh. $80

Kindle Fire

Small, relatively cheap, and relatively awesome, the Kindle Fire is a great econo-splurge if you have any interest in portable movies, books, and games. It's not the iPad you wanted for Christmas, but, it turns out, that's totally OK. $200