You can build just about anything out of LEGOs these day if you've got the patience and enough bricks—from 9,000-piece Batcaves to 6-foot-long Battlestars. Here are the ten most awe-inspiring builds from 2011.

1. All the Best Lego Sets for 2011

Star Wars! Ninjas! Pirates! Aliens! Race cars! Mummies! Castles! Dragons! All made off delicious bricks. Hot off the magical Lego Factory in Billund, Denmark, here are all the Lego sets for the year 2011 in one epic roundup.

2. The Most Hardcore Metal Lego Video I've Ever Seen

What do I love about Lego bricks? The limitless possibilities represented by an unassembled pile. Oh, and specifically when that possibility turns into raw, unadulterated, lumberjacking dragon-powered stop-motion hardcore metal awesomesauce.

3. These Are the First Lego Sets Ever Launched Into Space

The space shuttle Endeavour blasted off into space for the last time in in May, carrying the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer and the ExPRESS Logistics to the ISS. But more importantly, it carried Lego to space for the first time in history. These are the sets.

4. Holy Batman and His Bloody Amazing 9,000-Brick Lego Batcave!

I'm glad Lego genius Alex Schranz has made this 9,000-brick Lego model—which includes multiple levels, a Batmobile, security systems, elevator and everything else—of the actual Batcave I'm planning to build with 9 billion Lego bricks.

5. Black Lego PC Mod Has Loftier Tasks Than Just Playing Doom

Be gone with your primary colored Lego PC mods! Mike Schropp's folding Lego PC would have a touch of the dark side to it, if it weren't for the fact he's using it for his medical research.

6. Lego Volkswagen Camper Van Is a Must Have Model Even If You're Not a Damn Hippie

The Volkswagen Camper Van was originally made in 1962. I wish VW were still making them, because I'd buy one. Instead, I'd have to get this awesome Lego set instead. Watch the video tour to see all the great detail inside.

7. Please Help Make These Awesome Lego Fantasies Come True

Want to make this Lego DeLorean BTTF set a reality? Lego is finally crowdsourcing designs with its new Cuusoo platform; it's basically a Lego Kickstarter. Here are our favorite Lego dreams—let's help bring 'em to life.

8. You Won't Believe How HUGE This Battlestar Galactica Model Is

Say what you will about the rabidness of Star Trek and Star Wars fans, Battlestar Galactica has fans like Gary King who build incredible six-foot-long, hyper-detailed models of obscure ships entirely out of LEGOs.

9. Lego Adds Some Force to Gizmodo Gallery with LEGO SANTA YODA!

What would Gizmodo Gallery without a little Lego in the picture? Or in this case, a lot of Lego. And Star Wars. And Christmas. And... well, just see for yourself.

10. Lego Star Destroyer: 8-Feet of Gorgeous Turgid Brickwork

At a whooping 43,000 bricks, the 8-foot-long and 180-pound Lego Venator Class Star Destroyer could actually kill you without even firing one of its fake turbolaser. It's a stunning creation with only one defect: It's from the prequel trilogy.

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