World Lens gets all French on us. The Onion wants to answers life's tough questions. Make your own mini-action movie and control your Mac with Siri.

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Word Lens: Traveling in a foreign country can be exciting. So exciting that digging through a translation book seems like a huge waste of time when you have World Lens. The app translates words on signs in real time using your iPhone's camera. You don't even have to be online to do it. This week they added the French to English pack to its list of available-for-purchase language packs. Paris, here we come. Free, Language Packs $10

Air Dictate: If Siri actually works for you, you're probably wondering why you can't use it on your Mac. With an iPhone app, and its companion Mac app, you kinda, sorta, can. Just talk to your iPhone 4S and your Mac takes down your dictation. $1

The Onion Magic Answer Ball: Remember how you made all your important life decisions with the Magic 8-Ball? Okay, maybe that was just me. The Onion is reviving the idea with its own style of snark and hilarity. $1

Action Movie FX: Blowing stuff up is fun. Too bad Johnny Law won't get off my back about the time I burned down the abandoned warehouse outside of town. While I wait to appeal my probation, I'm keeping myself busy with the Action Movie FX app. Shoot tiny action movies with its pre-installed action elements, or buy new ones when you're ready to step it up. Free, Additional Scenes $1