Skitch is on the iPad. I'm going to add so many arrows and snarky remarks to photos. Kayak gets a trip-planing update. Learn all about Stonehenge, and make the world look like Starfox for Super NES.

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Stonehenge Experience: The rocks at Stonehenge have intrigued man for hundreds of years. Now you can experience them on your iPad without paying for a plane ticket to the United Kingdom. Plus, you can't even walk up to the rocks anymore. It's probably has something to do with the Griswolds. The app is an edutainment experience you should't miss. $3

KAYAK: Are you thinking about traveling to come down after the holiday stress? Instead of trying to search every single travel site out there, give Kayak a whirl. Compare flights, car rentals, and room rates on your iPad. You can even manage your itinerary, track your flight status, and figure out how much they're gonna screw you with baggage fees. Bon Voyage. Free

Poly: Remember Max Headroom? Okay, how about the movie Lawnmower Man? If you want to create your own geometric renderings of photos you should download Poly. It's only a buck and it's a fun and easy-to-use way to manipulate your photos without adding a sepia tone filter to them $1

Skitch: Yell it to the heavens, our favorite markup-up-your-photos-with-arrows app is now available on the iPad. Add words, arrows, brush strokes, pretty much everything you can do with the desktop app, you can do with the iPad app. Because it's owned by the Evernote folks, you can save everything in you Evernote account to sync with your other devices. Free