Yesterday we tasked you with picking the most important gadget of the year by voting in a free-for-all, March Madness-style tournament. You've been heard! But now it's time for Round 2, and you've got to start making the tough decisions.

After one round, we've had a few upsets, but most of the early favorites are still alive. That could change in a hurry with some heavy favorites matching up with each other this go-'round.

As a quick reminder, the gadgets were seeded by where we sort-of-kind-of expected them to land, and will be advancing through their remaining matchups based on those seeds—the same way it works in the NCAA.

iPhone 4S vs. MacBook Air (2011)

An early brawl between Apple flagships (iPhone vs. MacBook) should turn fanboys on each other.

Kindle 4 vs. Nook Simple Touch

The 8/9 matchup is the itty-bittiest ereader (Kindle 4) up against the comfiest (Nook).

Lumia 800 vs. Nintendo 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS was the slimmest winner from round 1 (50.53 percent to 49.47), and meets the best and prettiest and I-want-that-est Windows Phone.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus vs. PlayStation Vita

The for-the-moment Android flagship rolls on against the someday-soon future of handheld gaming.

iPad 2 vs. Chevy Volt

The matchup that would probably differ most starkly in unboxing videos.

Canon S100 vs. Lytro Camera

The S100 pulled the upset of Round 1 by edging out the HP TouchPad (55 percent to 44), but now it's got the LIKE WHOA of the Lytro Camera to deal with.

Amazon Kindle Fire vs. Asus Zenbook (2011)

Affordable tablet, meet affordable Ultrabook.

Galaxy Tab 10.1 vs. Samsung UND8000

The Samsung Civil War: Tablet versus Television

Join us every day this week as we—no, you—crown the most important gadget of the year, playoff style.