If you're tired of being shot in the head by a 12-year old that keeps spawn camping and yelling obscenities in your ear, maybe it's time for a strategy game. Whether it's real-time or turn-based, strategy games let you control armies instead of a dude with a gun and an attitude. Of course you could just play some hoops or attack lumberjacks with woodland creatures in today's best app deals.

iOS: Warfare Incorporated - Free

Real-time strategy games are still huge. Just ask South Korea about Starcraft. Warfare Incorporated is your free RTS game of the day. It won a bunch of awards from sites I've never heard of so give it a whirl, launch a site and give it your own award. You'll be battling for mining rights on planet Icarus. Wait, that sounds familiar. Dropped from $1 to Free. [DealMac]

iOS: Palm Heroes 2 Deluxe - $2

Forget about real-time for a minute and let's talk about turn-based strategy games. None of that rushing across the screen to make sure you're harvesting enough wheat or you've properly defended a bridge. The turn-based strategy game Palm Heroes 2 Deluxe lets you take your time as you dominate your opponent. If you're a fan of Heroes of Might and Magic, you should check it out. Dropped from $5 to $2. [AppShopper]

iOS: Streetball - Free

Hey, you like basketball? Yeah, you like basketball. Why else would you be yelling at the TV every time they talk about that strike that almost ended the season? Because you're not pulling in an NBA salary, here's a free basketball game for the iPhone. On-screen controls let you run around, shoot, and pass. You'll probably have to add your own color commentary. Dropped from $1 to Free.. [Appsylum]

Android: Beaver's Revenge - Free

Do not anger beavers. They control the water ways. Well not really, not anymore. But they are the vengeful sort after some lumberjacks destroyed their homes, or dams, or whatever. This physics-based game has beavers flinging other forest creatures to take down the lumberjacks. So yeah, beavers are jerks. Dropped from $1 to Free. [Apps-aholic]