Putting photos together to create a collage is usually something that teenage girls do to pass the time on rainy days. Why should they have all the fun? I'll just create my own collage without all the cutting and pasting and Lady Gaga lyrics. After I've created an image that conveys my emotions, I'll probably play a tank game and solve a few puzzles from today's app deals. Don't judge me.

iOS: PhotoTangler Collage Maker - Free

Don't even warn your friends. Just start sending them awesome collages of three versions of you and the moon. Choose and position your favorite looking-off-in-the-distance photos. Then blend away any sense of class you've ever had and add some sort of inspirational text. Maybe something like, "Dream." Dropped from $2 to Free. [AppShopper]

iOS: Blaster Tank - Free

Tanks may be slow, but hot damn are they awesome. Just lumbering through the world smashing and blowing up anything that gets in their way. Before you get any crazy ideas in your head, you should instead try Blaster Tank. Players control the speed of the tank and the angle of the torrent as they decimate anything that gets in their way. Probably to save the world or a princess or something. Who cares, TANK SMASH. Dropped from $2 to Free. [DealMac]

iOS: Azada HD - $3

If you're ever trapped in a relative's mansion, you have to solve puzzles to unlock its mysteries. No, really. That's the plot of this and countless other puzzle games. Puzzle games are fun, I just wish someone got trapped in a tract house and they had to figure out the sprinkler system to unlock the secrets of the air conditioning. Dropped from $5 to $3. [Appsylum]

Android: Aqualux - $1.50

Plumbers make tons of cash. Ever call a plumber to your house at three in the afternoon and not empty your bank account? Yeah, that's what I thought. While you're waiting for word on your application to Plumbing Academy, give Aqualux a whirl. Direct the flow of liquid by manipulating pipes. With 100 levels to power through, you'll be a master of curiously-colored liquid in no time. Dropped from $3 to $1.50. [Apps-aholic]