Man, those Greedy Cable Companies have some nerve, am I right? Always showing up late, charging us for channels we don't want, under-delivering on broadband speeds. But at least they're not infesting our homes with bugs! Oh, wait.

The Beacon-News relays the horrifying story of Chicagoan Antonio Munoz, who had new cable service installed by Comcast. Oh boy! Time to start watching TV. That was the plan, until this happened:

After the installer left his home on a Friday, cockroaches began crawling out of the cable box in his parents' room, Munoz said. He said it looked like the equipment came from a different user, and was not new.

"Not new" is now the best euphemism for "filled with live cockroaches." Of course, Comcast, in typical cable company fashion, brushed its hands of the bug box, at first refusing to acknowledge and then replace the hardware. So how did this happen? The Beacon-News has an idea, referencing a recent lawsuit against Comcast:

The lawsuit, which was filed in U.S. District Court, says that employees were often forced to install inadequate, bug-infested equipment at homes on Chicago's South Side.

Oh. Headline to expect very soon: Comcast customer sprayed with sulphuric acid by modem, house vandalized by tech support. [Beacon-News via Consumerist]