You probably put on a few pounds this holiday season. Hey, it's not your fault, because Egg nog and cookies are scrumptious. But today is the day you start getting rid of the holiday lump that rests above your hips. With Ease into 5K, you'll be running off those pounds before the Valentine's Day chocolates arrive. Or you could just sit back and play a motorcycle or car racing game. Sloth or athlete, it's up to you in today's app deals.

iOS: Ease into 5K - $1

Running a 5K doesn't seem like it would be all that hard. That is until you realize you can't even run to the end of the block without doubling over and praying for the sweet release of death. If you're thinking about taking up running, but you're scared of being found passed out in the woods behind your house from exhaustion, Ease into 5K could be your savior. The app takes you from zero to 5K-running hero in eight weeks. Dropped from $3 to $1. [AppShopper]

iOS: Trial Xtreme 1 - Free

This game looks suspiciously like Trials on the Xbox Live Arcade. Which is a good thing because that game rocks. The goal of game is to complete courses on a motorcycle using the iPhone's accelerometer to position the motorcycle for optimal landing and climbing angles. Also, rag doll physics make your crashes more entertaining. Dropped from $2 to Free. [AppShopper]

iOS: DrawRace 2 - $1

Tilting to steer? Man, that's old news. All the cool kids are drawing to steer now. Use your finger to create the perfect racing line for your car as you take on over 180 challenges. When you're done racing the computer, you can race against your friends online. You also get turbo, because all car games have to have turbo. Dropped from $3 to $1. [Appsylum]

Android: All My Enemies - Free

Another R-Type-inspired overhead shooter. Fly and shoot your way through 12 levels with the expected weapon upgrades that fill the screen with so many bullets, you can't really tell what's going on anymore. Just shoot and dodge. Shoot and dodge. Dropped for $1 to Free. [Apps-aholic]