The last few years have been something of a golden era for portable speakers, able to find a sweet spot in sound quality, size, battery life and price. But know what those noisemakers lack? BASS. Enter the foxLO.

Soundmatters, realizing that their foxLv2 speaker will never likely produce awe-inspiring low end went and did the next best thing: shrunk a subwoofer down to something which fits in the palm of your hand. Sitting roughly 3"x5"x6" and weighing under 1.5 pounds, the 25-watt foxLO uses a proprietary "Linear Magnetic Drive" technology, has a passive raidiator and not only works with Soundmatters' own portable speakers, but can take the signal from any line-in audio source and provide the boom factor.

If a small bass companion has been what your musical experience outside (or maybe even inside) the house has been lacking, you'll be able to snatch one up in the Spring for $150. [Soundmatters]