RIM's last great hope, the QNX-based BlackBerry 10 handsets that would pull the company out of its Playbook-inspired funk? According to the latest rumor from BGR, you'd better make that "handset." Because there's only one left. And it'd better be good.

After canceling the BB10 BlackBerry cult earlier this year, BlackBerry has now pulled the plug on the Milan, as well. Which, according to BGR, had actually been a BB7 handset the whole time. All that's left is the BlackBerry London, shown off by The Verge in November.

So what does this mean? That RIM is banking a large part of its future on a single phone. A strategy that, yes, obviously works just fine for Apple. But for a company that's on the ropes to go all in with one unproven handset walks the line between ballsy and dangerously ill-conceived very, very tightly. What's worse: we'll have to wait until at least June to find out which it is. By then, let's hope we still care. [BGR]