Everyone's stuck in an 8-bit nostalgia loop. We got 8-bit games, icons, and avatars, all over the place. Enough, I get it. Pixels are awesome. How about we take a break from characters made up of 16 dots and play something beautiful like Machinarium. Once you've feasted your eyes, you can jump to success and grab yoiurself an alarm that actually wakes up you in today's app deals.

iOS: Machinarium - $2

This point and click adventure game is beautiful. No seriously, look at it. It's unbelievable how much care went into the design of this game. The game has won a ton of awards and should be on every iPad 2 in the Universe. Oh, speaking of iPad 2. The game is only available for the iPad 2. Don't bother wasting your money if you have the iPad 1, iPhone, or iPod touch. Dropped from $5 to $2.[AppShopper]

iOS: Inertia : Escape Velocity - Free

Not to be confused with the old-school Mac game Escape Velocity, this is something totally different. Hermes the hero can turn his personal gravity field on or off at will. Gamers will use this power to jump their way to victory in this platformer. Dropped from $2 to Free. [Apps-aholic]

iOS: Stubborn Alarm - $1

Hey wake up. WAKE UP! It sounds so easy until you're actually in bed all warm and cozy. Your iPhone alarm goes off and instead of hopping out to bed ready to take on the day, you turn it off with a swipe and head back to dreamland. Stubborn Alarm makes you perform simple tasks before you can shut off its alarm. The graphics may be cheesy, but waking up on time, could mean keeping your job. Dropped from $2 to $1. [Appsylum]

Android: HDR Camera+ - $1

HDR photography can take a dull setting and make it all ethereal and artsy. If your Android phone doesn't already have the feature built in, you can pick up HDR Camera+ for a $1. Line up your shot and the app will do all the bracketing and merging for you. If you're a bit of a control freak, you can also control contrast, color, and exposure. Dropped from $4 to $1. [Apps-aholic]