It's a fact of life that some of us have to work even when we're away from the office. Yeah, it sucks. But at least we're not stuck in a meeting with Stinky Bob. Seriously Bob, buy some deodorant. Today we have an app that lets you edit and create Microsoft office documents from your iPad. Woohoo work! Or just say the hell with it all and play Words with Friends, or listen to some tunes with today's app deals.

iOS: Words With Friends - $1

It's the unofficial Scrabble game that'll get you kicked off an airplane. Well, only if you fail to listen to the flight attendant and keep playing after you've been told to "shut 'er down." Random celebrity ridiculousness aside, Words with Friends is one of those must-have iOS apps. You can play online against your friends in a word-nerd battle to the, uh. Dammit, the word is right on the tip of my tongue. Dropped from $3 to $1.[Apps-aholic]

iOS: CloudOn - Free

Whether you like it or not, Microsoft Office is a fact of life. Like commuting and flu shots, eventually you'll have to deal with it. Thanks to the power of technology, we have a free app that lets you take the suite with you anywhere. The iPad app looks just like Office so you'll feel right at home creating a spreadsheet while waiting for a flight. [DealMac]

iOS: Audium - Free

Tired of all the buttons in the Music app? The Audium music-player app utilizes gestures instead of buttons. Swipe left and right to navigate to the previous and next track. Swipe up and down to control the volume and double tap to play or pause. I'm surprised Apple hasn't already implemented these features. Dropped from $1 to Free. [AppShopper]

Android: Splashtop Remote Desktop - Free

Controlling your computer from your smartphone makes you feel like a superhero. Okay, maybe not a superhero. Let's just say super nerd. The Splashtop Android app lets you not only see your remote computer, but you can hear it as well. You can watch the videos and listen to the music that you forgot to put on your phone. So that's pretty cool. Dropped from $5 to Free. [Apps-aholic]