Would you workout if you made money? How about if you lost money by not working out? Get the best budget tracking app. Measure everything with your iPhone camera, and a simple, yet effective, to do app.

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GymPact: Here's a novel idea. Whenever you don't go to your scheduled workout, you lose money. Nothing motivates like cold hard cash. If you do make it to the gym, you get rewarded with the cash of the lazy bums who decided to stay home and play Skyrim. Free

Jumsoft Money: The penny-pinching folks at Lifehacker found that Jumsoft Money was the best budget-tracking app for the iPhone. It tracks multiple accounts, works with multiple currencies, and syncs with its Mac desktop counterpart. $2

Todo.txt Touch: To do lists don't need to be extravagant affairs. They certainly don't need to be tied into weird proprietary formats. Todo.txt stores a .txt file in your Dropbox account users can open it with any text editor on the market and edit. $2

Measured: You have two choices. You could climb a ladder and measure that section of gutter that's broken. Or, you could take two photos with the Measured app and let it do the measuring for you. The app will also tell you the distance of objects. So you can see how far you threw the tape measure when you fell off the ladder. $6