Translation is a tricky business. If you say the wrong phrase from a book, you could end up in jail. Keep track of earthquakes in the US. Create a powerpoint presentation and control your entire home theatre from your iPad.

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Popular Mechanics QuakeTracker: If you live in an earthquake zone in the lower 48, you should get this app for the iPad. It'll help feed your tectonic obsession by showing you the earthquake action of the past seven days. Don't forget to update your emergency kit. Free

Google Translate: If you're going abroad, or you live in an international city, you should get the Google Translate app for the iPad. In addition to translating 63 languages via text and 17 languages via voice, you can create a full screen translation. Perfect when you're lost and you really need to use the toilet. Free

CloudOn: Run Microsoft from your iPad. Not an app that looks like Microsoft Office. The actual suite. You'll need an Internet connection to access the suite on CloudOn's servers. It's like being at your desk. Maybe that's not a good thing. Free

Dijit: Control your fancy home theatre with your iPad. Not so fast there buddy. Before you get to downloading, you'll need to purchase Griffin's Beacon. But once you have them both, you'll feel pretty powerful controlling everything from the same device you tweet cat pictures from. Free