Tether your Android phone without paying your carrier or rooting it. Play a game of wind up robots. Keep track of your money and become a doctor of mixology.

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Wind-Up Robots: Kotaku says, "Wind-Up Robots has a recognizably orthodox tower-defense balance. Some of your implements move faster; others are slower, but have better firepower. Firing rate is inversely proportional to firepower. Some battlefield assets only work against specific threats (like the airborne pterodactyl monsters). The action is open-ended enough that you're not dealing with a pure puzzle solution to repelling the enemy waves." $1

MoneyWise: Because Lifehacker wants you to save money, they named MoneyWise the best budgeting app for Android. The app supports multiple accounts and budget types. You can tag transactions and build detailed graphs of your budget. Free, $7 Pro

Mixologist Drink Recipes: You like booze? Yeah, you like booze. Mixologist was voted one of the best drink app for Android in a recent Lifehacker poll. Just because New Year's is over doesn't mean the party has to stop. $1.50

ClockworkMod Tether : Usually if you want to tether your Android phone have two choices. Pay more money to your carrier or root your phone. With ClockworkMod Tether, you don't have to do either of those things. Best part? It's free. Free