Live audio buffs will probably know Behringer better from its line of pro audio gear, but it has 50 brand new products tailored to the everyday music buff, including this cute little wireless speaker.

Some of the coolest we've seen so far from Behringer are speakers that promise famously excellent (and famously German) pro-audio sound into portable speakers. Our favorites include the Splash 100 ($99), which is a waterproof pool speaker that looks like a ball you'd play with at the beach and will float in your pool. The speaker has a 230-foot range from the sound source and 3.5-hour rechargeable battery. Fun? Very. But not exactly what you'd expect from a pro-audio specialist.


There are a few other items which are likely to deliver higher-fidelity sound like the wireless Eclipse XT Soundbar with a subwoofer ($199), which is a 30-pin dock that accepts both iPods and iPads and will also hook up to your TV via RCA inputs—sadly, no HDMI or optical inputs. A subwoofer-less version is available for $129. The Soundscape Air ($129), which is an iPod dock with detachable 3-inch full-range wireless speakers, which you carry with you around the house within a 150-foot range of the base station. At those price points, this audio gear will definitely give iHome a run for its money—assuming these stations sound as good as Behringer's reputation.

And we wouldn't want to forget the the MiniBlu: The tiniest item Behringer showed us. The $69 Bluetooth speaker lies super flat on a table kind of like a guitar tuner. We'll see if stacks up to the slews of tiny, Jambox-like, Bluetooth speakers out there these days.

That's a lot for just one evening, and these aren't the first crazy ideas we've seen recently from Behringer. We can't wait to see what other sweet gear is on the horizon this week at CES.