We got our hands Lenovo's first-generation Idea TV and our first impression? It will make you wish you lived in China because that's the only country that's going to see its smartly-designed Android interface for now.

The 1080p HDTV centers around an Android-based home screen, which Lenovo is calling the "Sandwich Screen." (Get it? Ice Cream Sandwich?) From this point, you use a touchpad on the TV's remote to navigate with swipes between a standard TV feed, a video on-demand screen, and an applications screen. All of the video on demand content is streamed via Lenovo's servers to the the TVs.


Lenovo's Idea TV seems to run really smoothly compared to other remote-based interfaces we've seen. That 1.5 GHz dual-core processor makes snapping from one game to another very quick. Moving between the three different sections of the Sandwich Screen is likewise snappy and quick.

The Idea TV will also allow you to stream content wirelessly from tablets, phones, computers, and other devices in your house as well as from a 200 GBs of cloud storage provided by Lenovo.

All in all, the TV handles the way we'd love to see a TV handle. Unfortunately, Lenovo is saying that the first generation of Idea TVs in for China only. We can't be sure the TV would perform as well in the real world, but if it does, let's hope Lenovo changes its mind and brings it stateside.