How many versions are there of Street Fighter? I think the last count was 250. I might be wrong. But it's pretty close to that. Eventually, all games will have a Street Fighter tie in, Madden 2013: Chun Li's Revenge, Halo 5: The Flood of Ryu. Actually, I'd play that second game. While you're practicing your fireball throws we also have a RPG puzzler and a drum machine to annoy your friends in today's app deals.

iOS: Dungeon Raid - $1

It's an RPG puzzle game. Imagine if Bejeweled and Skyrim had a baby and that baby was on your iPhone. Are you imagining it? Okay, good. Trace a path through a set of matching tiles to pass a level. As you play you collect experience points and various trinkets to help you defeat your enemies. It makes more sense when you actually play the game. Dropped from $3 to $1.[Appsylum]


iOS: Street Fighter IV Volt - $3

No matter how many suffixes they put after the name, it's still just Street Fighter. Throw a few fireballs, land a couple combos and you're king of the world. Wi-Fi matches are available so if your friends hop on this deal you can finally prove that Ken is still the best fighter ever. Dropped from $7 to $3. [Apps-aholic]


iOS: DM1 - The Drum Machine - $1

Drum machines are cool because you actually don't have to learn how to play the drums. Have you tried playing the drums? It's difficult to say the least. The app has 40 drums kits to choose from with nine drum pads for you to tap, tap, tap your way to becoming really irritating to anyone standing within ear shot. Wear headphones while using this app for your safety. Dropped from $7 to $1. [AppShopper]


Android: EasyMoney - Free

The best money managing app is a free money managing app. Actually that's probably not true. Anyone can make a free app that sucks. How about one that's free but usually costs $10? Quickly add transactions and take photos of bills and receipts with EasyMoney. You'll get interactive reports and graphs that'll show you just how much you've been spending at the local coffee shop. Dropped from $10 to Free. [Apps-aholic]