In an attempt to promote interactive learning and take over the textbook industry, Apple made its education announcement in New York this morning. Just in case you were at the chiropractor all day trying to undo years of damage caused by a heavy backpack, here's what went down:

Apple's iPad Textbooks: Everything You Need to Know About iBooks 2

Steve Jobs wanted to do for education what he did for music, phones and tablet computers. Apple's new textbooks was his Next Big Thing (or one of them).


With their new iBooks 2 and iTunes U app's digital courses, Apple wants to change the way students access education material and help them learn and study. But have they succeeded? More »

Here's What It's Like to Read Apple's Brand New iPad Textbooks

You may not be able to afford it, but Apple's textbook transformation is pretty neat. Its hands-on time, class. Find a cozy seat, use your indoor voices, and read along with Gizmodo. Today's lesson: Science! More »

How to Make an iPad Textbook in Under Five Minutes

iBooks Author, Apple's new iPad textbook maker, is purported to be so easy to use that [insert stupid animate object here] could go and make one. So we figured we'd try our hand at it. Even if we won't win any education or design awards, making a three page book was a walk in the park. More »

You Can't Afford Apple's Education Revolution

What Apple showed us today was nothing less than the future of education. The future we'd all been imagining for decades, no less. Harry Potter stuff. It's going to change the way we learn, the way we think, the way we live. More »

Apple's iBook 2 Textbooks Arrive Today for $15

Algebra, Biology, Geometry—these have never been particularly exciting words when it comes to textbooks, but that could change today. Apple's attempt at reinventing learning is officially online and ready for download—with each title offered at only 15 bucks. More »

iTunes U Puts Entire College Courses on Your iPad

Between coming up with a curriculum, teaching, assigning homework, and getting important info to students, teachers have it rough. The iTunes U app is going to let them do all of that from an iPad. Which means students can basically take entire courses from their tablets. More »

iBooks 2's Instant Flash Cards Are Pure Apple Magic

It's hard to get excited about textbooks, until you see something like this: Apple just made the notecard obsolete. No more index cards, no more boxes - no paper. iBooks 2 turns your reading habits into instant study help. More »