There are games we really want on the iPhone but we know we'll probably never get. Actually anything Nintendo makes would be great as an iPhone app. But there is one app in particular that would really make me happy: Mario Kart. Lucky for me, there's a complete ripoff of the game in the App Store right now. Plus, another tower defense game and a way to organize all those business cards, all in today's app deals.

iOS: Mole Kart - Free

If you're looking for a Mario Kart ripoff, here it is. The sounds, tracks, music, they're all pretty much what you would expect if Nintendo decided to port its racing game to the iPhone. But it won't, so you might as well download Mole Kart before the Nintendo lawyers realize what's going on. Dropped from $3 to Free.[Apps-aholic]

iOS: Business Card Reader - $1

Why are we still using business cards? I have hundreds of business cards I pass out to people almost every day. Or year, maybe. They in turn give me their business cards. Now I have a giant pile of other people's business cards. Business Card Reader scans the cards from a photo and automatically adds them to your contacts. Awesome. Dropped from $6 to $1. [AppShopper]

iOS: Tower Defense: Lost Earth HD - $3

I do love tower defense games. I can't be the only one, the app store is full of them. Today's game involves defending your mining company against hostile creatures on an alien planet. Actually, this might be the one tower game where I'm rooting for the attackers. Dropped from $5 to $3. [Appsylum]

Android: Lame Castle - Free

Mount your toy horse and race through this odd game. In Lame Castle, you're a knight running through the countryside kicking chickens, smashing through objects and destroying castles. What's not to like? Dropped from $1.50 to Free. [Apps-aholic]