Start streaming all your videos to your iPhone, Not just those fancy h.264 videos. Start painting with light. Organize your life, and start tracking the elusive Great White shark.

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Air Video: Video streaming on the iPhone is pretty limited. That didn't stop the folks at Lifehacker from naming Air Video the king of the streaming castle. The app stream video of Wi-Fi and 3G and will encode videos on the fly so your not trapped in the H.264-only world. Free/$3

LightBomber:: Take your iPhone photography to the next level with light painting. Grab a buddy, give them a laser pointer, shove them in a dark room, and go to town taking photos with LightBomber. After you're done drawing schlongs, you can work on drawling something people want to actually see. $2

Agenda Calendar: We're always trying to get our readers to organize their lives. We figure if you're more organized, you'll visit the site more often and leave sane comments. So you see, telling you to check out Agenda Calendar helps everyone. $1

Expedition White Shark: It's like Shark Week in your pants all the time. Track Great White sharks as the swim in the oceans searching for delicious sea lions and surfers the have rubbed themselves in bacon. The app also has a game, but you should steer clear of that wreck and stick to tracking sharks. $4