No one ever says the movie was better than the book. So start reading more books. You know what, stream some videos. Enjoy some magic muffins and control a magical kingdom.

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Aldiko: Lifehacker found the best eReader for Android. I can't imagine how many books they had to read to come to this conclusion. I'm guessing hundreds. The reader can open, ePUB, PDF and DRM-locked Adobe books. To appease the damands of your eyes, you can customize the interface. Free/$3

Plex: Streaming video to your device shouldn't take a degree in video encoding from the university of Data Streaming (I hear they have a wicked water polo team). Lifehacker found Plex to be the dean of said university with its ability to stream over Wi-Fi and 3G, play nearly any file format, and encode video on the fly. $5

Muffin Knight: Kotaku says, "Simple and sweet gets me every time, and that's just what Muffin Knight is. As the story goes, a young lad wandering the woods wandered upon a basket of magical muffins, accidentally scattering them to the four corners of the fantasy kingdom. Incensed, the muffins' witchy owner transforms the boy into a knight and tasks him with traveling the world recovering her enchanted snacks." $1

Little Empire: Kotaku says, "This colorful mixture of 3D kingdom sim and colorfully cute 2D sprite battles has its fair share of flaws. The instructions are vague. The game slows to a crawl at higher levels unless you purchase "Mojo", a special in-game currency used to speed up time or buy powerful skills and items. In short, it's a free-to-play game, and you get what you pay for." Free