You know what cropping does. What AntiCrop does is attempt to restore some of the missing image at the edge of your photos. Like magic. Some zombies get thrown into minesweeper and fly around in an over-head shooter with super-bright colors. So many colors.

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AntiCrop: It's content-aware fill on your iPad. Well it tries to be. It won't work every time, but it'll help fix those missing spots on most of your photos. $1

Zombie Minesweeper: Kotaku says,"In real life the person who dawdles while playing Minesweeper must worry that their boss will catch them. In Zombie Minesweeper, the dawdling player must worry that the game's suburban zombies will." $1

Super Crossfire HD: Kotaku says, "You've got a ship that travels the bottom of the screen, endlessly firing at waves of enemy fighters intent on doing you harm. To destroy them you simply move back and forth, spraying them with pretty purple space bullets. Bright explosions fill the screen." $3