Highlight: The Nearby Social Network

You're probably wondering just how many social networks we need. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Path are already on my iPhone. You know what, let's add another. The latest to jump into the social pool is Highlight and it wants you to find your friends—at least potential friends—nearby. Maybe the guy down the street also loves pastrami as much you do.

What's it do?

Highlight uses information from your Facebook account to determine if other Highlight users in the vicinity should know about each other. It also tells you when one of your actual friends is nearby—roughly within one-and-a-half blocks. The app will send a push notification once someone journeys into that radius.


Why do we like it?

Social networks are only as good as the amount of people that actually use them. Highlight launched today, so the pickings are slim for now. But, if enough of my friends start using it, I can see it actually working out. If it turns out the Highlight users in my area are weirdos, I can change the settings to friends only.


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The Worst

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