Automating your tasks on the iPhone seems like a wonderful dream that'll never come true. Well wake up dream warrior, because it's a reality. Also, follow through with your commitments, sing to the world, and take amazing photos.

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Launch Center: It works by providing a number of built-in, configurable shortcuts-such as launching a web site, turning on the LED light on your phone, and googling the contents of your clipboard-and scheduling them as alerts. When the alerts pop up, you can just tap them to initiate the shortcut immediately or grab them anytime in your notifications drawer. $1

Commit: Commit is a simple app that keeps you committed to a daily task. If there's something you want to do every day to form good habits or get the practice you need to be great, this app can help you get there with a nicely designed, simple interface and helpful reminders.$1

Shazam Player: The Shazam Player looks to replace the iPod app on your iPhone with an app that shows you the lyrics of the song you're currently listening too. Called LyricPlay, the feature attempts to find the lyrics to all the songs on your iPhone. When a compatible song is played, the app shows the lyrics to that song in real-time so you can sing along.Free

Mattebox: The app's wonderfully minimalist controls are based on the Konica Hexar, an iconic 35mm point-and-shoot that's easy to use, but does't skimp on image quality. The app has a two-step focus-then-shoot feature. Hold the button down to lock focus and exposure, slide it to take a photo. Now you can create those depth-of-field images you've been faking with Instagram. After you've taken your photo, a suite of image processors lets you adjust exposure, white balance, saturation, gamma, and vignette. And once you finish adjusting an image, you can save those settings for future images. Basically, you're creating custom filters. $4