Living in a city means that sometimes you need a little help getting around. There's always a street you've never heard of that you need to get to. We found a series of apps that'll help you find that hidden club. Plus, we play a Minecraft/Minesweeper crossover game, go hunting for deals, and make quality recordings of birds. Hey, birds sound nice.

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Embark: Embark: It's not just one app, but rather a series of apps that provide simple and straightforward public transportation directions and related information, like advisories, on your smartphone. They're simple, fast, and really useful whether you're exploring a new city or just need to know how to get around the one you live in. Free

MineCraft Sweeper: Kotaku says, "Developer K.Misiunas has taken two of the most beloved and addictive titles in the history of gaming and married them together in one startlingly fresh handheld experience. What sounds like nothing more than clever wordplay is in actuality one of the best iterations of gaming classic Minesweeper that I've ever played, much deeper than the simple Minecraft overlay I was expecting." Free

Decide: The app scans barcodes in the store to see if an item is at a low price point or if you should wait for an upcoming drop. Woohooo deals! Free

Tape-a-Talk Voice Recorder: Lifehacker wants you record everything with their choice for the best audio recorder. The app will record audio at variable bitrates. It'll even record in the background and share those recordings via email and DropBox. Free/$5