Tonight's the big night—you don't have to be a Washington fat cat or DC insider to get some face time with the Commander in Chief. Barack Obama is hosting a "cool" Google+ hangout, and we're covering it live.

Will he talk about the issues? Will he talk about the election? Will he lay out America's plan to colonize the moon, treaties be damned? Will a penis be flashed? I can't wait to answer these questions—the hanging out begins at 5:30 EST. USA! USA! USA! [THE WHITE HOUSE]


Update: I'm trying to hang out with Barack Obama and so far I only see Gizmodo's Mat Honan.

Update 2: A pressing question on everyone's mind: will this revitalize Google+? No.

Update 3: Am I doing this right?


Update 5: I don't see any "hanging out" so far. How do I videochat with the president?

Update 6: OK, we're basically watching other people "hang out" with Obama.

Update 7: It's pretty neat to be seeing the president live on the internet, even if this whole "hangout" is kind of a fraud.


Update 8: Guest named Ramone: loves "technology" and "putting on puppet shows for poor children." Truly a melting pot.

Update 9: Obama's streaming video quality is unbelievably good. This looks rigged. I grew up in DC, and no net connection is that fast.

Update 10: "Hangout" member "Jennifer" does not have a very good webcam.

Update 11: Jennifer just interrupted the president! Is that against "hangout" protocol? The voice recognition camera shifting worked flawlessly!

Update 12: This guy should have cleaned up his bedroom before the presidential "hangout"

Update 13: Not sure what's going on with this rainy lady here.

Update 14: Good to see El Presidente taking this seriously, despite the fact that it's a little silly and I doubt many people are watching. Thoughtful answers though. He offered to get Jennifer's husband a job!


Update 15: "Christine" has her computer in a strange place. Right by the front door?

Update 16: I don't believe that we're seeing an actual streaming video feed from Obama. There, I said it.

Update 17: The people in the "hangout" are raising their hands. Democracy.

Update 18: Bearded Brooklynite asks Obama why he uses drones so much.

Update 19: This fraudulent hangout is mostly a Google advertisement.

Update 20: This guy has concerns about SOPA/PIPA and is astoundingly creepy.