I don't get enough sleep. Daytime Robbie really hates nighttime Robbie. Nighttime Robbie stays up too late and when he does go to bed, it takes awhile to actually get to sleep. So daytime Robbie is checking out the ambient noise app that's on sale today. Both Robbies are interested in the seafaring game and musical-note training apps in today's app deals.

iOS: The Lighthouse HD - $1

A path drawing game with sea monsters. Guide your seafaring friends around rocks, other ships, and the beasts of the deep. The app has 30 different levels including huge multi-screen affairs. Did I mention sea monsters? Yeah, it has those too. Dropped from $5 TO $1. [AppShopper]

iOS: Sleep Pillow Ambiance - $1

Anything that helps you sleep is a-ok in my book. The app plays ambient noise that slowly fades to silence to help you sleep the night away. The app has 47 ambient sounds including white noise, jungle life, and my favorite, luxury car ride. Ahh yeah, I'm going for a ride in an expensive whip, time to catch some zzzzzzz. Dropped from $2 to $1. [Apps-aholic]

iiOS: Bieber Spot Difference - $5

What? WHAT? It's a spot the difference app with Justin Bieber and it's on sale for $5. It's usually $10! Are you kidding me? I put this here in case you see any of your friends with this app. If you do spy a friend trying to find the differences between two Justin Bieber photos, I want you to stop being their friend. Don't say anything, just walk away and never look back. Dropped from $10 to $5. [Appsylum]

Android: iNoteTrainer - $2

Everyone should learn how to play an instrument. It's a nice skill to have and a great way to pass the time if you get trapped on an island after your plane goes down. Learning how to read music is a big part of playing an instrument. The app creates a game out of identifying a note from sight or sound. Master the app and become the best darn clarinetist the world has ever known. Dropped from $3 to $1. [Apps-aholic]