Back in my day we would edit videos on a large table with razor blades, white gloves, and grease pencils. Ok, I'm not that old. But, if you told me 15 years ago you could edit video on a phone, I'd have called you a witch and burned you at the stake. Well, today we have two video editing apps on sale, and no one is lurking around the corner with sticks and lighter fluid. If you still fear fire, we have a German board game and a field goal kicking app in today's app deals.

iOS: Game your Video - $1

First off, Game your Video is a weird name. You don't actually play a game or make your video look like a video game. Instead you add effects to your videos is real time. Add motion effects, audio transitions, visual effects, and add music from your iTunes library. This all happens while the video is playing. Just tap an effect when the playhead hits the right spot and you're golden. Dropped from $2 to $1 [AppShopper]

iOS: Avid Studio - $5

Avid Studio arrived in the App Store yesterday at a temporarily discounted price. Edit videos on your iPad from the device's photo, video, and iTunes library. Or, access media from the iPad Camera Connection Kit. Output your finished movies to Facebook and YouTube, or send it to Avid Studio for Windows. Dropped from $8 to $5. [Apps-aholic]

iOS: Tikal - $3

The Germans really know how to make a board game. Seriously, all the hip award-winning games of the past couple years have been from Germany. Tikal is the iOS version of one of those games. Choose your favorite Mayan avatar (wow, it's hard to choose a favorite) and get to playing either against your friends or by yourself. Dropped from $4 to $3. [Appsylum]

Android: Flick Kick Field Goal - Free

Hey did you guys hear about some big football game this weekend? In honor of the superest of all bowls, here's a field goal kicking game. Flick the ball through the uprights and relive the glory of winning a game via the lamest possible play. Go, fight, win! Dropped from $1 to Free. [Apps-aholic]