Managing content on your Android gets to be a pain pretty quick. How much music can I put on here? Did I sync all those photos to my computer? Is this document the most up-to-date version? This week's app picks help make managing those things a snap. Oh, and we've got a pretty sweet game, too.

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Syncly: The app keeps an eye on your Android device's SD card and automatically uploads any photos added to that card to your DropBox account. After an initial setup, the app just does its job in the background. Upload images over Wi-Fi or your device's 3G/4G connection. Free

Rhapsody: The granddaddy of streaming music services is finally on Android. If you already have a subscription to the Rhapsody, you can now listen to your music while you're on the go. Sync your favorite songs to your device for offline listening when your connection falters. Free/$10 a month subscription

Osmos HD: Kotaku says, "With 27 guided levels which can be replayed in arcade mode on several difficulty levels, procedurally generated randomization, and a wide variety of playfields to navigate, $4.99 is a ridiculously small price to pay for one of the best games you can play on a mobile device. Osmos is guaranteed to draw you in." $5

Google Docs: The Android version of Google Docs got updated this week to include offline access to your files. This is especially helpful when you're running the web-based client on a tablet that only has Wi-Fi access to the Internet. Once you hit a Wi-Fi hotspot, Google Docs will automatically update your online files with the changes you made to the offline files. Free