If you want to be ripped like those NFL guys you're going to have to workout. Like all the time. You shouldn't even be reading this post. Quit your job and download an NFL player's workout app. Or if you're in Canada, go after a hockey puck. Forget it, I know we're all just gonna sit around and play video games on our iPhones.

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Hardest Shot: If you can secure a hockey puck, stick, and ice rink, this app will measure whether to not you're ready for the NHL. As a Californian, I have access to none of these things. But if you're a Canadian, I'm sure there are pucks just lying around in the streets waiting to whacked around a hockey rink. I could be wrong. $2

Foster's Fitness: Workout with an NFL player. Well not exactly with the player. He's not inviting you over to his house to do pushups. Instead, you can download the workout of a favorite NFL athlete and follow along. You'll probably need the exercise after all the carbs you're going to digest on Sunday. $2

Puzzlejuice: Kotaku says, "Puzzlejuice combines the falling-block puzzle gameplay of Alexey Pajitnov's classic with word-game mechanics of Boggle or Scrabble and the match-three mandate of Bejeweled. A familiar assortment of shapes descend from the top of the screen, broken up into different colors. When you fit blocks together and bind three colors adjacently, you can tap that section to generate letters. Multidirectional swiping along adjacent letters forms words. Creating a whole row turns all of those blocks into letters. The twist is that you'll need to clear the rows yourself." $1

Ghost Trick: Play the first two levels of this adventure game for free on the iPhone. If you like it, you can download the rest of the chapters for $10. I love adventure games and the score is pretty awesome. You can't beat a free trial run. Free/$10