How many Law & Order versions are there? It seems like there's a new one every week. They even have one for App Store. Law and Order: iOS, DUN DUN. Okay, so that's not really the name, but it should be. Sick of procedural crime dramas? We also have archery and F1 racing management games in today's app deals.

iOS: Law & Order: Legacies - Free

Jump into the uncanny valley and start solving crimes with the Law & Order team. The app pulls together everyone's favorite Law & Order characters and shoves them into one game. The crime-solving game is like a choose your own adventure, with multiple endings so you can play it again and again. This is episode one of a seven episode series of investigations. DUN DUN. Dropped from $3 to Free. [AppShopper]

iOS: ArcherWorldCup - Free

The world needs more archery games. It's like a virtual training ground to become an Avenger. Play against virtual archers from around the world for bow and arrow dominance. Slow your heartbeat and battle that damn wind as you try to hit the bullseye. Dropped from $2 to Free. [Appsylum]

iOS: Grand Prix Story - $1

Play a car racing game without actually driving cars. I know it's always been your dream to become a race team manager and lead your team to victory; here's your chance to build a team and start sucking up to sponsors. After a sponsor makes you hire his inexperienced nephew, you get to customize your race car. Will it be fast enough to defeat that loose cannon Cole Trickle? Dropped from $4 to $1. [DealMac]

Android: Draw(er) Pro - Free

Yup, another drawing app. I really want you to unleash your creative freedom. Drawing wangs all day doesn't count. The app lets you apply effects to your drawings to enhance your creativity. I'm not sure how making your brush strokes squares and circles does that? But hey, it's a start down the road to becoming a starving artist. Dropped from $1 to Free. [Apps-aholic]