Apple says the camera on the iPhone 4S is quick. Well, quicker, anyway. You still have to launch the app, then take a photo. Sometimes it's super fast. Other times, it's so slow you miss your chance to take a picture of the Yeti that just ran off with your backpack. Next time, capture that thieving Bigfoot with an app that takes a photo right when it launches. Plus, sync music from DropBox and download YouTube videos on your iPhone, all in today's app deals.

iOS: QuickPix - $1

Look at that awesome thing happening over there. Let me get my iPhone out and launch the camera app. Waiting, waiting, waiting. Now let's take a picture. No wait, the awesome thing is gone. QuickPix launches quickly and will take a photo as soon as the app is running. It also features rapid fire burst shots and can shoot video and take stills simultaneously. Finally, you'll get a photo of that cool thing that just happened. Dropped from $2 to $1. [AppShopper]

iOS: Notebox - $1

As if you needed another reason to get Dropbox. Notebox will sync music from your DropBox account to your iPhone. Oh, and not just your DropBox account; it'll also sync from your friend's shared DropBox folder. After syncing, you can listen to the tunes in the Notebox player. Dropped from $3 to $1. [Apps-aholic]

iOS: Media Center ∞ - $1

It has ∞ in the name. I'd say that's a bit pompous, but the app does just about everything. It's a browser, download manager, file manager, media player, and an office and photo viewer. The app has a laundry list of file types it'll read, and you can use it to download YouTube videos. For a buck, you can't go wrong. Dropped from $2 to $1. [Appsylum]

Android: Hi-Q MP3 Recorder - $3

There are few scenarios when recording what's going on around you is critical. During a lecture class. When you're interviewing someone. When you're trying to clear your name and you're talking to the "real killer." Whatever the reason, it's probably a good idea to use today's app with its high quality 44kHz sampling. Someone has to stop the real killer. It might as well be you. Dropped from $4 to $3. [Apps-aholic]