So this photo breaks down many of the hats, i mean sunglasses, i mean breaks my sunglasses.. This photo shows the many roles a "bedroom" can play and does play for my life. I attempted a vintage film look with my incamera settings. With a complete lack of strobe or hot lamp setup I angled lampshades and curtains to light this shot, resulting in a very dark shot. This allowed me to ruine my photo with 3200 iso, the grainy-noisy feel you can see the messy-loud results of.

Cameras are fun. 550D with carl zeiss Jena 58/2. Edited together in PS. If you want details on the vinyl that was dreadfully loud in the making of, ask.


I always wanted to create such a picture. So this contest was the perfect reason to try it.
This little red haired Troll is cute and colourful. It really stands out in our clean office environment.
Manfred Lenherr

Dragon Slayer: Nikon D700, Nikon17-35mm, SB-900, ISO 1000, CS5 editing

This stuffed dragon was mine when I was a kid. Recently, I asked my kids to go through their toys and get rid of the stuff they didn't want. I found my dragon in the pile and was disappointed my kids didn't appreciate this classic looking toy. When I read about this challenge, I figured it was time for him to have his revenge! My dragon slayer is suddenly in way over his head.
Tonya Wilhelm

"Imperial March of the Hallway"

For this challenge I set up my Panasonic FZ35 on tripod at the end of my hallway. I rigged it up to take a picture every 30 seconds at 1/4, F2.8 and ISO 80. Once it started snapping the pictures, I set up a line of lego storm troopers that spanned the width of the hallway. Then I would move the line down the hallway slightly and hide in the closet before the picture was taken. I did this until the line reached the opposite end of the hallway. I ended up with 50 usable pictures, which when multiplied by the number of soldiers in each line makes a total of 400 soldiers. The pictures were merged in Photoshop CS4.
Peter Glitsch

Hi there!

So we have this friend that we like to make appear in suggestive photographs...

We had three photographs of him, half a roll of toilet paper and most importantly, four extra safe condoms. And used a total of twenty three photos to make the final image.

Hope you enjoy it.

James and Iliana

Camera: Canon 400D
Lens: Canon 28-80mm
ISO: 800

Actually i was only cleaning up my drawers, had to take out all of my watches, then i checked out gizmodo looked at my room and took a picture with my cellphone camera, nothing fancy...

18 Wristwatches
5 wall clocks
23 hyperfocal pictures mixed in photoshop
Used a photographic filter in a green/blue/gray color
30px vigenette
Canon 20D

it took me like 6 hours, so maybe it was a bit fancy

LaIkMoSh m

Rogerio Bromfman

The Pied Piper of Hamelin

My wife keeps telling me I have too much computer gear at home. After thinking about this contest for a bit, I remembered the tale of the Pied Piper of Hamelin ( I had about 7 mice at home so it took quite a few pictures to get a decent number in the final image. My kids helped with one of them responsible for taking the pictures with the remote trigger and the other one helping me placing the mice in various places in the room. It didn't quite fill the room as we ran out of time. This also explains the very poor Photoshop job. I'm sure I could have made this better. I used my Canon 40D with a 24-105 f4L lens set at f8, 1/30 sec.

When I saw the challenge I figured this was a great way to show my
wife how I feel about all the bath toys my son has. It seems like
every time I walk through our apartment I'm stepping on or tripping
over one these toys.

Camera: Canon 5d II
Lens: 16-35mm
ISO: 1000

Phil Wenger

Patrick Wright

"One-Man Band"
A few weeks ago my friends stole my camera during band class and took a few pictures of themselves playing various instruments. I didn't think much of it, that is until I heard about this week's shooting challenge, and the band pictures instantly came back to mind. On Thursday, I met up with my friend, who in this case shall be named "Bobby" (although I did get the proper permission to use him in the photo), "borrowed" a few instruments (don't worry, no instruments were harmed in the making of this photo), and took a shot of him in each seat with the appropriate instrument (e.g. a flute in the front as that's the flute section). After I got all the shots, I went into Photoshop, and spent seven hours combining all the shots together. By midnight I had this. The total tally came up to 40 "Bobbies." Now I know how my band teacher feels during class.


All photos were shot with a Nikon D5100 and AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR lens at 18mm, f/3.5, ISO 1600.

Katrina Giusti

Camera: Nikon D3100
Lens: Nikon 18.0-55.0
Exposure: 1/100 sec at f/9
Focal Length: 18mm
ISO: 200
15 pictures


I had balloons still around from my daughter's birthday and she loves balloons and bubbles. Thought it would be fun to pretend the balloons were giant bubbles. She was very happy to assist with this challenge.

Scarlett Moir

A Room Full of Cookies

CAMERA Nikon D60
ISO 200

Cookie, my pomeranian, certainly earned some treats this week! For me, the only thing better than a room full of cash is a room full of fluff so that's what I set out to do with my Nikon, a tripod and a handful of doggie kibbles. I used GIMP to combine 20 separate photos and used the smudge feature to blend edges here and there. In case you're curious, yes, I did actually put her on the mantel, but I was under her the whole time! I think we both had a lot of fun doing this weeks challenge.

Rhett Jones Jr

This is my first entry into a shooting challenge and I call it Apples & Bananas. I used a Nikon D3000 with a kit lens (18-55) and SB-600 speedlight all mounted on a tripod in the corner of the living room. The camera setting where, f/3.5, ISO-200, shutter prioity, WB on Tungsten, focal length 18mm. When I saw this challenge I though this would be a fun to work with my wife but she left me hanging at the last minute so I went in on it solo. I took a dozen apples and two bunches of bananas from our kitchen, which is my weekly fruit alotment, to use for the challenge. The final image was made up of 43 shots put together using layers in PS CS3. It took about an hour to take the shots and 6 hours in PS. I probably wasted an 1 1/2 figuring out how to us Layer. Based on the number of shots I estimate there are 516 apples and 19 bunches of bananas.


Cisco Ramirez

Nikon D5100
18-55mm Kit Lens
ISO : 100
f / 3.5
1/10 sec.

My fiancee dressed up as Chell from the Portal series during the last Los Angeles Anime Expo, so I had the idea of having her crash a turret party. Hey, those turrets need a little time to catch up once in a while too between work!


Basically, we used one of the Valve Plush Turrets from Portal and placed it alongside everywhere. Learned a lot while doing this, and figured out what I should have / could have done better afterwards. Thanks for these challenges, they are helping me learn new techniques!

Jennifer Damm

Taken with a Nikon D5100: ISO-100, F-Stop 3.5, 18-50mm lens.

My fiance wanted to take pictures for the photo challenge and he had
two ideas, both involving some cosplay outfits and props I already
owned. Both ideas were awesome, so I decided to take on the one he
didn't end up doing. I call this one the Mushroom Kingdom. Took lots
of shots with my one Toadstool doll, and then jumped in for the last

Karen Tarlow


These little helpers come from The Bungled Jungle. These represent 4 of our collection. They're my muses solidified. Information on their origins can be found at:

When I thought of a room full of anything, whimsy seemed imperative. Have a great week!

Hello Gizmodo,

The photo was taken at night with my Nikon D90 using the Nikon 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 AF-S ED VRII lens. The focal length was at 18mm, with f/3.5 and 1/60 shutter speed. ISO was at 1000. The camera was on a tripod with a Nikon SB-400 flash firing. I took 22 shots and ended up using 18 of them. The photos were stacked and combined in Adobe Photoshop CS5.1 for Mac after adjusting exposure to match in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3.6 for Mac.


The photos are of our cat Stanley sitting in multiple places in our living room. Stanley was very cooperative throughout. Stanley is a 9 year old rescue cat. My girlfriend has had him for 7 years and he came into my life 2 years ago. He came to her with three legs - his right hind leg was broken when he was rescued and taken to the shelter. The good folks at the shelter operated on him and tended to his injuries. Since he is a special needs cat the shelter had a hard time getting him adopted until my girlfriend saw him and fell in love. The folks at the shelter cried when he was adopted because he had become their favorite.

Despite missing a leg Stanley gets around very well and runs around like any other cat would. As a consequence of having to learn to live with 3 legs, Stanley's remaining legs are massive and his paws are extra large and extra cute. He spends most of his time playing with and chasing our other rescue cat, Buster.

We originally titled this picture "A Room Full of Stanleys".

I hope you guys enjoy this picture as much as we enjoyed putting it together.


Mashuqur Rahman

Brian Jones

My nieces are to blame in putting Toby Keith's annoying but catchy Red Solo Cup song in my head...."Red Solo cup...I fill you up...Let's have a party, let's have a party....and on and on it goes. Try it yourself but be forewarned (

). It was a natural evolution of the song to pop out and take over my living here it goes...over 3,000 cups appear in this photo after using the multiplicity technique described in this week's challenge. I now have 500 red plastic cups for the SuperBowl Party and a Valentine's Card ready photo. There are at least 3 blue cups in the photo if you can spot them. Canon 7D with EF 24-105 lens at f14, various 0.25 - 1.6 sec, ISO 100.

Refrigerated Jurassic's

For this weeks shooting challenge my brother Ryan and I decided to use our replication device on a few Dinosaurs. The obvious place to put them was in the refrigerator. With a few hours for set up and about an hour for the shoot and the edit, here is what we came up with. Minor tweaks to contrast in Lightroom. Layering done in photoshop. Shot with a Canon 60d with 18-135mm lens, f11, 1/15, iso: 400

p.s. Shout out to Lisa Cipriani. She is hot.


"The Ironic Hoarder"

This is the bathroom of a newspaper hoarder. The irony is, however, that he has an iPad, and no longer needs his stacks of newspaper for entertainment while doing his business. This was inspired by a Gizmodo post earlier in the week about people using cell phones in the bathroom. Thanks to my mom, who works for the Arizona Republic and was able to help corral enough papers for this task. Also, thanks to my father who volunteered to play the part of the hoarder. I used 8 total photos mixed together in

Nikon D3000, f/8, 1/40 sec. exposure, ISO-800

After thinking about it for a while, I decided to fill my room with cats. I got the idea from all the locations that they normally sit around the house on the weekends or where they have been sleeping all day while we're at work. It probably shouldn't have come as such a surprise, but this was a more difficult task to reproduce in a short amount of time than I had expected. Cats are very independent and don't often want to do something unless they want to do it. From the picture, you can tell that one of my two cats was a more willing participant than the other.


The pictures were shot with my Canon EOS Rebel T3i and the 18-55mm kit lens and manipulated in Photoshop. A laser pointer was also extremely helpful in directing them to the next spot I wanted them to stay in.

-Jeff Chandler