Brian C Hall

My brother sent us this Amaryllis bulb for Christmas. It just now bloomed. I told him it put out several flowers; I'm sending him the photo evidence.

Taken with a tripod-mounted Canon 60D. Manual exposure set to f/3.2, 1/6 second exposure, ISO 100. Composited in Photoshop 7.

Sunil Seepuri

This challenge was particularly interesting to me, since I've done similar experiments before - having many versions of the same person in the picture - and have had my fair share of fun with Photoshop tricks. My dilemma was what object to use to fill up the room, when I decided to use my keyboard. And instead of putting it in different places in the room, I decided to make it one continuous, winding keyboard! I took a total of 18 shots, but ended up using only 14 and of course, stitched them in Photoshop :)


Shot using:
Canon T2i at 18mm - f/5.6, 1/6s shutter speed, ISO 100 along with a Canon Speedlite at 1/4 power

I just got a Canon T3i a couple of months ago, and I'm still learning what it can do. I've been following the shooting challenges for a while, and decided to finally participate in one. I looked around my apartment for a while, and didn't really find many subjects that interested me. I ended up finding a small bag of tennis balls (9 total, I think) and figured it would be fun to try and fill a room with them. I ended up with the bathroom since I was short on time. When I finished, I was amused with the results, but also realized that this was something that could be accomplished by someone who actually played the sport and had a decent collection of tennis balls sitting around. Oh well, I had fun with it :). I stitched the 20 images together in Photoshop. I didn't realize how much of a challenge blending the different lighting would be, since the balls cast a greenish shadow on everything they are near.


The image specs: 1/25, f14, ISO800 shot with a Canon T3i with a 18-55mm kit lense.


Brian Potocki

I live in a coed fraternity that has a termly event called "Milque & Cookies," in which we make thousands of cookies of all different kinds, and serve them to the entire campus, along with a special milkshake ("milque"). As such, cookies seemed like the most appropriate thing to cover the house with. I used 90 cookies and 27 shots, so there are 2,430 cookies in this picture. Unfortunately, I had trouble keeping the camera from shifting a tiny bit between shots (tripod issues), I didn't pay enough attention to keeping the color consistent, and the kitchen island takes up more vertical space than I would have like, but this contest was still a lot of fun.
Photos taken with a SONY DSC-H20, and modified in Photoshop. Thanks to Tara and Katie for helping me come up with the idea.

-Leah Nicolich-Henkin

Wendy Liu

/*Sorry that the larger wallpaper size image isn't 2560px wide. I *had* to crop it.*/


Let see... First thing I saw after I lifted my head up to think about what I'd like to do for this weeks shooting challenge was the garden gnome my husband gave me for one of my birthdays. Then I got hungry and fixed myself a snack so I went to my kitchen. hmmm what to shoot, what to shoot... OH I'll fill my kitchen with garden gnomes!!! How quirky! And as an added bonus I'll create the illusion of flight by shooting them by tossing them in mid air. I did want to include more gnomes but unfortunately I sorta broke my gnome during one of the mid air shots. 2 hours of shooting and 5 hours of Photoshop work later...Voila!

Nikon D60, Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6D EX DC HSM Lens, ISO 400, f4, 1/100 sec

Hi Gizmodo,

Here's my submission to Room Full. Not as creative as I'd hoped, I kept putting it off longer and longer. A half dozen or so friends are doing a 365 and we all said we'd try the challenge this week. Couldn't decide on anything really creative and my only son was driving me up a wall, it felt like I was dealing with multiple kids this morning, hence Eight is Enough.

That's my story.

Nikon D-300, SB 400 bounced to the ceiling.
Nikon 17-55 f/2.8 lens at 17mm, f/5
1/100 second, ISO 1000 (hmmm, must of forgot to set that back to 200)
(exif is in the wallpaper file for more info)


Jeff Gamble

Joseph Torralba
"Twinkie Diet"

My friends and I brainstormed possible objects to use for this challenge. When "Twinkies" came up, I immediately rushed to the store to buy some (i.e. a 10-pack box and a double pack). I chose the kitchen as the environment to give the impression that the household's diet only consists of Twinkies.


Shooting most of the image simply involved moving the Twinkies from one section to another. However, having only 10 individual cakes, some improvising was necessary to create "large stacks" of Twinkies. For example, forming the stack in the crystal bowl was accomplished by placing other non-Twinkie snacks at the bottom to make the bowl look full. Similarly, cardboard boxes served as a base for the Twinkies in the drawers and sink to produce an overflowing effect.

A total of 79 images were used to form the final image.

Camera: Sony NEX-C3, 18-55mm lens, f/3.5, 1/30 sec, ISO 800

Tim Sackton

I wanted to do something with a Super Bowl theme for this contest, and was struck with inspiration when my wife suggested making nachos for the party we were going to. My vision was chips swarming around the kitchen, engulfing nacho ingredients, with beer bottles looking on. To accomplish this required 22 separate photos, using only one bag of chips, one six pack of beer, and one jar of salsa. The whole thing took about an hour to shoot, and nearly 3 hours to put together in Photoshop. Each shot was taken from a tripod mounted with my Canon T1i with an EF-S10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM lens at 16 mm, with exposure settings of 0.5 sec at f/6.3, ISO400.

Jera A
I wasn't sure that I would have the technical wherewithal to do this challenge. We use GIMP at work to make exhibits so I had some, but limited, experience with a photoshop style program. I decided to give it a try early in the week and created a photo playing a game of chess against myself. It was a big hit with my friends and family and that gave me the confidence to attempt this challenge.


With the Superbowl this weekend, I wanted to make my photo sports related. I decided to to a room full of jerseys. This photo was created with 11 jerseys (6 belonged to my fiance and I and I borrowed the other 5) and 11 photos total. Although I don't have any jerseys of either the Giants or the Patriots, I do have the other Manning jersey. I wanted it to be the most prominent in the photo so I placed it in locations where I thought it would stand out. The toughest part was putting the Dodgers jersey and Manning jersey over the two art pieces on the left hand side of the photo and they wouldn't stay up by themselves. I had to stand on the chairs next to them and cut myself out of the photo. Because I used GIMP I wasn't able to follow the tutorial directions step by step and while the picture isn't perfect I'm very proud of myself just for being able to pull it off.

The photos were taken with my Nikon D3100, AF-S Nikkor 18-55 mm lens, f/4, ISO800, Exposure time 1/4 of a second. I'm sure you would guess that I was happy with the Superbowl result.

-Jerardo Arciniega

My Stash

Knitters and crocheters are familiar with the Stash. It's a monster that tries to take over your home, whispering in your ear every time you're in a craft store, "That yarn looks nice. You could find something good to do with it. And after all, it's only 11 months until the holidays and you've got 20 people that need handmade things." My Stash isn't quite this bad (and that scarf isn't that long) - this is a compilation of six photos taken after putting my camera, on the tripod, on top of a cabinet and setting up a makeup mirror behind it so I could see the viewfinder. Then I used a wired remote and had the camera on a 10-second delay to put myself in there. I missed the sun because I had to recharge the battery, but I did my best to even out the lighting in post. Taken with a Nikon d3100, using the kit lens set to 29mm and ISO 200 (forgot to adjust it after charging the battery). Set the aperture to 8 to make sure everything was in focus, and put the camera on aperture priority. Used Photoshop Elements 9 to merge the photos.

Welcome to Casa Full of Labs

What a great challenge! So many ideas, so many possibilities, one object. I really wanted to do this challenge with my Labrador Retriever "Bono" sitting all over the living room. But asking a 1-year old lab to sit sill in 30 different places is not an easy task. So instead I used the next best thing, a wooden garden welcome lab! The setup for the photo(s) took almost as long as the photo shoot itself. Trying to decide where and how the object was going to be photographed was important. I tried not to have the lab overlap between photos as i knew this would make it harder post production. I took a photo of the welcome lab in my garden and put the photo on the tv then went to work. I didn't have a wireless remote so i did a lot of walking back and forth from the tripod to the object. Nice workout! 48 photos later, I was done... at least with the shooting part. I'm still learning PS so I always feel like i'm a lot slower post production than I should be. The entire project took about 3 hours to complete. I was pleased with the end result and happy to have learned yet another PS technique. Maybe when my lab "Bono" is 5 years old he'll let me redo this photo with the real thing.


Fernando Fernandez
- Nikon D3100
- 18-55mm 3.5-5.6G
- F-3.8
- ISO 560
- 1/20s Exposure

Not so much a room "full" of babies, but I really like how this photo turned out. I combined 8 photos of Dahlia sitting around doing what babies do best, look cute. Nikon D3100.

Dahlia Cobos

For equipment I used a Canon 450D with a 18-135mm set at 18mm with manual settings on a tripod. I used a flash and umbrella on a light stand with manual settings for consistent light. I then took my two month old son and began plopping him on the couch and used a IR remote to trigger the camera. Surprisingly he didn't start to complain until the last shot I did.

Kenny Gregory