I've always wanted to swim in Duck Tales' vault of gold. Alas, it's not in my cards (and besides, diving into scraps of metal isn't exactly good for the joints). These 33 photographs will need to do the trick.

Dragon Slayer

This stuffed dragon was mine when I was a kid. Recently, I asked my kids to go through their toys and get rid of the stuff they didn't want. I found my dragon in the pile and was disappointed my kids didn't appreciate this classic looking toy. When I read about this challenge, I figured it was time for him to have his revenge! My dragon slayer is suddenly in way over his head. Nikon D700, Nikon17-35mm, SB-900, ISO 1000, CS5 editing.
- Tonya Wilhelm

Twinkie Diet

My friends and I brainstormed possible objects to use for this challenge. When "Twinkies" came up, I immediately rushed to the store to buy some (i.e. a 10-pack box and a double pack). I chose the kitchen as the environment to give the impression that the household's diet only consists of Twinkies.

Shooting most of the image simply involved moving the Twinkies from one section to another. However, having only 10 individual cakes, some improvising was necessary to create "large stacks" of Twinkies. For example, forming the stack in the crystal bowl was accomplished by placing other non-Twinkie snacks at the bottom to make the bowl look full. Similarly, cardboard boxes served as a base for the Twinkies in the drawers and sink to produce an overflowing effect. A total of 79 images were used to form the final image. Camera: Sony NEX-C3, 18-55mm lens, f/3.5, 1/30 sec, ISO 800
- Joseph Torralba

(Almost) Endless Keyboard

This challenge was particularly interesting to me, since I've done similar experiments before - having many versions of the same person in the picture - and have had my fair share of fun with Photoshop tricks. My dilemma was what object to use to fill up the room, when I decided to use my keyboard. And instead of putting it in different places in the room, I decided to make it one continuous, winding keyboard! I took a total of 18 shots, but ended up using only 14 and of course, stitched them in Photoshop :) Canon T2i at 18mm - f/5.6, 1/6s shutter speed, ISO 100 along with a Canon Speedlite at 1/4 power
- Sunil Seepuri

Welcome to Casa Full of Labs

What a great challenge! So many ideas, so many possibilities, one object. I really wanted to do this challenge with my Labrador Retriever "Bono" sitting all over the living room. But asking a 1-year old lab to sit sill in 30 different places is not an easy task. So instead I used the next best thing, a wooden garden welcome lab! The setup for the photo(s) took almost as long as the photo shoot itself. Trying to decide where and how the object was going to be photographed was important. I tried not to have the lab overlap between photos as i knew this would make it harder post production. I took a photo of the welcome lab in my garden and put the photo on the tv then went to work. I didn't have a wireless remote so i did a lot of walking back and forth from the tripod to the object. Nice workout! 48 photos later, I was done... at least with the shooting part. I'm still learning PS so I always feel like i'm a lot slower post production than I should be. The entire project took about 3 hours to complete. I was pleased with the end result and happy to have learned yet another PS technique. Maybe when my lab "Bono" is 5 years old he'll let me redo this photo with the real thing. Nikon D3100, 18-55mm 3.5-5.6G, F-3.8, ISO 560, 1/20s Exposure
- Fernando Fernandez

What Time Is It?

Actually I was only cleaning up my drawers, had to take out all of my watches, then I checked out gizmodo looked at my room and took a picture with my cellphone camera, nothing fancy...
really... 18 Wristwatches, 5 wall clocks, 23 hyperfocal pictures mixed in photoshop. Used a photographic filter in a green/blue/gray color, 30px vigenette, Canon 20D.
- Pancho Mejia

Imperial March of the Hallway

For this challenge I set up my Panasonic FZ35 on tripod at the end of my hallway. I rigged it up to take a picture every 30 seconds at 1/4, F2.8 and ISO 80. Once it started snapping the pictures, I set up a line of lego storm troopers that spanned the width of the hallway. Then I would move the line down the hallway slightly and hide in the closet before the picture was taken. I did this until the line reached the opposite end of the hallway. I ended up with 50 usable pictures, which when multiplied by the number of soldiers in each line makes a total of 400 soldiers. The pictures were merged in Photoshop CS4.
- Peter Glitsch

Refrigerated Jurassic

For this weeks shooting challenge my brother Ryan and I decided to use our replication device on a few Dinosaurs. The obvious place to put them was in the refrigerator. With a few hours for set up and about an hour for the shoot and the edit, here is what we came up with. Minor tweaks to contrast in Lightroom. Layering done in photoshop. Shot with a Canon 60d with 18-135mm lens, f11, 1/15, iso: 400
- Tyler

Gnome Attack

Let see... First thing I saw after I lifted my head up to think about what I'd like to do for this weeks shooting challenge was the garden gnome my husband gave me for one of my birthdays. Then I got hungry and fixed myself a snack so I went to my kitchen. hmmm what to shoot, what to shoot... OH I'll fill my kitchen with garden gnomes!!! How quirky! And as an added bonus I'll create the illusion of flight by shooting them by tossing them in mid air. I did want to include more gnomes but unfortunately I sorta broke my gnome during one of the mid air shots. 2 hours of shooting and 5 hours of Photoshop work later...Voila! Nikon D60, Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6D EX DC HSM Lens, ISO 400, f4, 1/100 sec
- Wendy Liu

Oh #*&$

My fiancee dressed up as Chell from the Portal series during the last Los Angeles Anime Expo, so I had the idea of having her crash a turret party. Hey, those turrets need a little time to catch up once in a while too between work!


Basically, we used one of the Valve Plush Turrets from Portal and placed it alongside everywhere. Learned a lot while doing this, and figured out what I should have / could have done better afterwards. Thanks for these challenges, they are helping me learn new techniques! Nikon D5100, 18-55mm Kit Lens, ISO 100, f / 3.5, 1/10 sec.
- Cisco Ramirez

There's a lot of work in these shots, or you're all a bunch of frauds who spend way too much money on Twinkies and dog sculptures. Either way, I'm impressed. Really fun submissions this week. The galleries are below. The big shots are on flickr.

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