You can run around shooting people or build a railroad. Are you the soldier or the builder? These are the hard questions you have answer in the world of apps. No wait, you can be both because the games are on sale. Hooray for capitalism! But if shooting and building aren't your thing, you can also be a musician in today's app deals.

iOS: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - $1

Nothing says a good time like running around and shooting your friends in the gut. This FPS app features multiplayer battles with up to 10 of your closest friends. Play via Wi-Fi, 3G, OTA, or Bluetooth. It also has a first person mode, but we all know that death matches are the only reason people buy these games. Dropped from $10 to $1. [AppShopper]

iOS: Ticket to Ride Pocket - Free

It has nothing to do with the Beatles. It's the portable version of the award-winning board game about trains. Whoa, before you walk away mumbling something about how stupid trains are, download it for yourself. It's free and you can play against your friends or play all by yourself. Just don't send me messages later saying how awesome the game is while using an "all aboard" pun. Dropped from $2 to Free.[AppShopper]

iOS: BeatMaker 2 - $10

If you want to make music on your iPhone or iPad, you need to download this app. It features a drum machine with 16 trigger pads and a live mode. A keyboard sampler, a multitrack sequencer, a mixer console, a sound bank, and the ability to connect MIDI devices to it. Whenever anyone asks me about music apps on the iPhone, I point them to BeatMaker. It's $10 well spent. Dropped from $20 to $10. [Intua]

Android: NRG Player - $2

If you find the default music player on your Android to be lacking, take a gander at the NRG player. The app features a graphic EQ to help enhance the audio of those tiny little speakers on your device. The app also features tag editing and the ability to song names with Dropped from $3.50 to $2 [Apps-aholic]