I have your weekend plan for you: get stupid drunk and see how high this new breathalyzer app for your eyes can go. You will probably pass out after this. When you wake up hungover, play Battlefield on your iPhone until you can properly breathe and then go outside and make cinemagraphs with Cinemagram.

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Cinemagram: Cinemagram uses your iPhone camera to capture a short video clip, and then convert it into an cinemagraph, which is a highly-stylized animated GIF where only one part of the image moves. You record a clip and cut it down to a length Cinemagram deems acceptable (generally a couple of seconds). Then you mask the area you want to move. If you want, slap on a filter to give it that look of misplaced nostalgia. Then the app will then render the GIF and drop it into a stream with all the other cinemagraphs people are making (there doesn't appear to be a way to make a cinemagraph private, FWIW). $2

BreathalEyes: The BreathalEyes app should be able to accurately judge your inebriation just by scanning your bloodshot eyes. The BreathalEyes app for the iPhone and iPod Touch works uses the device's camera to measure the level of Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN)-basically how twitchy your eyes are-then calculates your BAC within .02 percent, according to the developer. $1

Pocket League Story: Kotaku says, "Pocket League Story is like Football Manager stripped to the basics and doused in cuteness until its soaked to the bone. Taking charge of a fictional football side, which you can name, your goal as manager is to rise through the ranks, going from crummy little regional tournaments right through to winning the World Cup." $5

Battlefield 3: Aftershock: Not quite Battleshock on your iPhone but it's still Battlefield on your iPhone. It's not the full version but rather a multiplayer map and it's free! Free