It's not easy being Chuck Grassley. First, some jerk makes fun of your inability to spell on Twitter. Then, you continue to use Twitter without learning how to use a keyboard. Then you're hacked. But will an iPhone change everything?

No, no it won't, Senator Chuck Grassley has revealed in a hot new tweet. He might have 21st century technology, but he's still the same old school incoherent rascal we've known. I think it's safe to interpret "h v" as have, unless he meant "harvest," perhaps a reference to a recent Iowa corn event. We can all look forward to many more tweets from Chuck now that he's mobileā€”and what thrills will autocorrect bring us? Will he use emoji? Will he buy glasses? Is it an iPhone 5? Will someone please help Chuck Grassley use Twitter? [Chuck Grassley Internet Twitter Headquarters]