Oh Apple, as much as I love you—yes Phil, you know I do love you—you can really piss me off sometimes. No, I'm not talking about iOS' serious privacy problem or the obnoxious nature of some of your Apple spokepeople.

I'm talking about your current careless attitude towards the really important things. You know, the little details that Steve used to care so much about.

Like... HOW THE HELL DID THE ABOVE HAPPEN? Are your designers really this blind? Or do they draw your interfaces using a Siri-controlled Microsoft Paint?

The old off-center number 1 on the Calendar app icon was extremely annoying. iOS 5 didn't fix. But fine, it's ok. It's only there for one day. I can ignore it.


But these off-center days of the week in the iPhone's calendar? Come on! Look at Thursday, Friday and Saturday! Can't you see them? Really, Apple. This is way too much. This is truly fucked up. This agression shall not stand, dude. This must be fixed OR ELSE.


And what's wrong with you, Scott Forstall? Yes, you. Aren't you supposed to be Steve Jobs' heir? Aren't you in charge of iOS? Where's Steve's obsessive attention to detail? Hell. Steve would have fired you in an elevator if he were alive just for this screenshot alone. He would be like: "I forgave you for fucking up with your failed iPhone 4 test program. But this? This is shit. You are fired."

I can't even begin to fathom who are the monkeys in charge of Apple's user interface design these days. Between this and their leather obsession, it seems there is a whole department working actively to destroy Apple's legendary attention to detail.


Now, how long until we get Jon Ive in charge of all of Apple? Because I. Can't. Fucking. Wait. [Thanks Ignignokt!]