In 2008, Obama famously took advantage of technology and social media to boost his success. This year, he's setting up a dedicated technology hub in San Francisco—and he's looking for help.

According to the the San Francisco Chronicle, Obama is setting up a technology field office in the city. Speaking to the Chronicle, Obama campaign deputy press secretary Katie Hogan said:

"We learned from 2008 that using the talents and skills of our supporters was a key to building the most effective organization. We're taking the next step by providing tools and space for supporters in the technology community to help the campaign extend our current tools...and mobile applications."

It's not clear exactly what's going to happen in the office, but you can damn well expect a focus on social networking. Currently, it's staffed by one lonely employee, though the campaign is reportedly looking for volunteers and workers to get things going. [San Francisco Chronicle via CNET; Image: Pete Souza]